Beach Body Workout

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Hello…. it’s me….
I’m back 🙂
And I’m here to get u ready for summer.
For those of you who don’t know I started teaching group fitness classes and I love it. Soon I’ll be a certified personal trainer and I am soooo ready to be helping others!

In this blog I’m going to give you a workout from my Power Circuit class. This class is usually an hour long but with the exercises I’ve been using you only need half that time to get the full effect. My power circuit class uses HIIT (high intensity interval training) which means longer periods of work and shorter periods of rest. This keeps your heart rate changing constantly.

For this class you need a step and free weights. For the weight I usually use 5 pound dumbbells and if your not at a gym you can use a step stool or the bottom step of your stairs to act as your step.

Here we go!

Warm up:

30 jumping jacks, 30 seconds high knees, 30 seconds Butt kicks. Repeat 2 times.

Circut 1: Repeat 2x

30 seconds rest between exercises.
1. Step up to Bicep Curl: Put one foot on step as your stepping up your opposite knee will raise and your arms will curl up as you step back your arms will release back down and your foot will come off the step. Then alternate feet.
2. 30 jumping jacks
3. Jump squats (with or without dumbbells) squat down, as you rise up push through your legs to jump then land back down and squat

1 minute rest between sets

Circuit 2:
Repeat 2 times

30 seconds rest between exercises
1. 3 way lunge. Step forward lunge, step side lunge, step back lunge. Alternate legs.
2. Step up to shoulder press
3. 10 burpees

1 minute rest between sets

Circuit 3:
Repeat 2x

30 seconds rest between exercises
1. Lunge jumps: lunge down jump up switch feet lunge down
2. High knees 30 seconds
3. 10 push ups

Cool down & stretch. After a workout I like to do static stretches. (Toe touches, quad pulls, butterfly stretch etc.)

Any questions you have can be left in a comment and I will reply to you as soon as possible! Also if you don’t know what an exercise is, all of the ones I listed can be typed into google and are shown with a picture!

I hope you enjoy the workout!

Stay strong!

xo, Lauren




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