The Best Time To Wear A Striped Sweater is…

All The time. -Yes, I just quoted Spongebob- but he’s so right! Striped sweaters are so fun and versatile. There are so many different ways to wear it! AND I will never give up the chance to wear an oversized comfy sweater and still look put together. This sweater puts comfort and fashion first, which hardly ever happens. (Just ask the stiletto heels I bought that haven’t left the box they came in) The pictures below are of me laughing because I find my cheesy jokes funny.

Photo credit: Sara Wicks, @swixyy

Below are some photos of different outfit ideas for this perfect striped sweater!

I have worn each of these outfits so far and my favorite/most acceptable in the florida heat would be the sweater and denim skirt combo. Its so flattering because the oversized sweater looks effortless and when u have a cute skirt on and adorable matching heels it ties the whole look together!

To find this sweater and other adorable pieces, go check out

OR find them on Instagram! @mintjulepauburn

I hope you enjoyed! Stay Warm!




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  1. says:

    Great outfits !!! Perfect sweater 🙂


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