Lipstick speaks louder then words.

So heres alittle of both.

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A good lip color can make you feel confident to conquer these chilly fall days. Throwing on a little mascara and a bold lip will get you up and out of the house feeling good. I have so many favorite lip colors so narrowing it down to these 5 was difficult, BUT these colors are the must have for fall and are very inexpensive.

The picture above: Top to bottom

NYX Rome, Revlon Seduction, NYX Lingerie Ruffle Trim, NYX Lingerie Cashmere Silk, Colour Pop Beeper.


This color is SO pretty and It keeps your lips feeling moisturized and not as dry as some of the other liquid matte lipsticks. This lip color has berry undertones and matches perfect with a glass of red wine! so drink up this beautiful color all fall long!


This is my go to everyday color. It is so perfect to wear during the day because it is a creamy matte so it leaves your lips quenched. It can be dressed up or down and matches a variety of eyeshadows. PLUS it smells like candy (tastes like it too) So get through you halloween sweet tooth with this lip color! Its like trick or treating everyday this fall.


You will not change your mind once you put this on (partially because once it dries you will not be able to get it off) This color has a cinnamon undertone which is beautiful for the fall. I will always wear this color ( or the next two I will be showing you) when I plan on going out to eat and drink because you will never have to worry about reapplying. SO Drink up and don’t be embarrassed to go out in your lingerie.


Slightly darker then the one mentioned before, with chocolate tones. Like I mentioned this brand of lipsticks will not disappear easily. They stay on ALL day. I really love pairing this lip color with just mascara because it is such a rich color and wants all the attention. For such a rich color it would not like to hear how cheap it actually is.


This color will fool you, it looks like it would be a light nude then you apply it and it actually is a light nude, then you walk away from the mirror the color dries and then you sit back down to realize it is 3 shades darker then what you thought. This is NOT a bad thing. This color is amazing and the texture of the lipstick is amazing. It almost reminds me of a Lip stain because it will stay on all day…. Into the night…. into the next morning.. and into the next night. Drink, eat, sleep, shop, eat some more, drink some more, Your lipstick will withstand anything that comes its way! (keep is classy)

I HOPE YOU ENJOYED! here is some words of wisdom:

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together” –Elizabeth Taylor

xo -Lauren


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  1. Bianca says:

    Love the advice !!! And the pictures – great colors for the season !!!


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